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Friday, 30 August 2013

Kitten Cap Trainers

Here's another easy DIY. Using plimsolls that you can get cheap and surprisingly high quality from the high street. I got this pair from New Look for £4.50. For this DIY you will need:
-Contrasting paint colours.
-Masking tape.

Place tape all the way round the toe of the shoe about an inch front the front.

Paint completely white.

Remove the tape and make sure it's a fairly straight line.

paint two triangles on top of the straight line. Try to make them fairly symmetrical.

Take a thin brush and paint the kitty's face. I found it easier to start with the nose in the middle and then do the whiskers and then move onto the eyes.
I went a bit too far with this! i just wiped it off with a cotton bud and painted over with more white paint.

The white paint looked a bit messy so I just used black paint to neaten all the edges.

All Done! You could try different animals too!

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