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Monday, 21 October 2013

Knitted Textile Awards @ Knitting and Stitching Show London

I haven't blogged much lately because i have been so busy, recently i went to the knitting and stitching show in London for the UHKA Knitted Textile awards. It was great fun and I loved showing my work to everyone and meeting loads of graduates that are in exactly the same position as I am haha! So I took some pictures of the work I liked to post.
 This was my stand, I was so overwhelmed by the lovely compliments and cannot wait to go to the Harrogate show!
 This is Liz Scott's work she did a degree at DMU in Fashion Fabrics and Accessories. 
Her work was a "happy accident" changing a knitted swatch into a garment. 

 Hannah Evans

 Vita Ivicic
 This is the work of Judith Watson who is also the Gold Prize winner of the knitted textile awards.

 Sandra MG has created this submission for the open category, the belts are amazing and hand crocheted with the tiniest crochet hook and thousands of little pearl beads!
 This is one of Emma Vining's amazing designs also for the Open Category you can follow her on EMMAVININGHANDKNITTING.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK or look for PURLEMMA on twitter, ravelry and pinterest.

This is the gold award winning entry to the open compeition by Sally Spinks that included knitted bug sweaters and comical knit embellished photographs, find more of her work at

 These are the entries that won the silver award in the open category by Nicky Barfoot. They are hand knit designs knitted from a life drawing class that Nicky took.
 This is Eleanor Scott's work a mish mash of different machine knit colours and textures you can find her on
 Hannah Payne
 Jenny Chau

 Louisa Crompton

 Kate Morris- Silver Award Winner
 Scott Bramley
 Olivia Hunter-Silver Award Winner
Leah Short of Kniteriors
 This is the awesome work of Alexandra Pengelly, who is an amazing technical knitwear designer!
Tanya Leskinen

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