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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Etsy Packaging and Items

I had my first UK buyer on Etsy this weekend who purchased one of my snoods, I really want to focus on my UK sales and get a really base here that could lead me into maybe doing fairs or craft markets. So I made and pressed the snood pretty quickly and decided to knit and include a little freebie to help the impression on the buyer, I just made a little wrap around bracelet/necklace. It was cute but it felt a little unexplained so I decided to make packaging for both the snood and the bracelet. I think it turned out really well! I just printed the design onto an a4 piece of card, cut out and stuck in place! I think it makes them look so much more professional and worth a bit more too. I think I'll keep experimenting with it and maybe come up with a free printable or something!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Christopher Kane Fall 2014 Knit Faves

I've always looked forward to when Christopher Kane went back to knitwear, he always used to do such strong knitwear. Don't get me wrong I do love his collections but as a knitter I always want new inspiration! So this collection is a bit frou but i think it would translate into some really nice knit pieces as well as socks. I think the yellow and grey colour palette really gives it an edge. Well done Mr. Kane!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pringle Of Scotland Fall 2014 Knit Faves

I definitely think that funnel/turtle neck jumpers are going to be all over the shops this winter. And I love Pringle's versions of traditional jumpers but with gorgeous laddering in-between the textured cabling. This is totally the way I want to move forward with chunky knitwear, I've never been mad about chunky knitwear but this is something I could really get excited about.

Mark Fast Fall 2014 Details

So i've already done a post on Mark Fast's 2014 Fall collection. I already thought it was gorgeous but then these detail shots crop up and they are just absolutely gorgeous! The texture and the movement on the back of this dress is just awesome!
 Then this cute asymmetric number, I normally don't go for asymmetric clothing but this with the holes reminds me of some designs I did for graduate fashion week but just improved!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

NYFW 2014 Knit Faves: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I really need an oversized waffle knit t-shirt jumper paired with a turtle neck and pleated skirt! Okay so maybe not but this collection of Marc By Marc Jacobs Is sooo cute. I would never have thought of this styling its incredible. The first look with the khaki green makes me think of the british army jumpers and the beauty and hair is also quite harsh and masculine but with the pleated chiffon skirt and pointed courts it looks amazing! The grey version is my favourite though, there is something about the black tie that reminds me of John Galliano's work for Dior. I absolutely love this look and I like the idea of a short sleeved jumper!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Double Point Needle Socks Challenge

So my fiancee is making a massive point that his beloved slipper socks have two massive holes in. I'm sure he either wants me to darn the holes on them or knit him new ones. Especially since I have finally learnt how to knit socks on the machine (shouldn't have told him!) As it's valentines this friday I'm setting myself a challenge to learn double pointed needles and knit him a nice pair of slipper socks! I realise how mad that sounds but I'm learning on quite big needles and with a 4 ply yarn rather than a sock weight. So If it doesn't work I can still jump on the machine and knit some quickly haha! So here are the needles and yarns I'm using and this is the printable basic DPN sock pattern from cometosilver.

Free Printable Valentines "I Love You More Than Knitting"

I thought I would just sit down and illustrate a little valentines card for my other half for valentines this friday. This is my "I love you more than knitting" free printable valentines card or and e-card. Just right click and download or print!

NYFW Knit Faves: MM6 Maison Martin Margeila

I love how Maison Martin Margeila and it's offshoot lines such as MM6 are such a cult "cool" designer yet still always play with knitwear and they always have. Know of course most fashion lines will have a couple of pieces of knitwear but they were doing it way back, which i love! There were only a few bits I really likes from this show but they were inspiring, from the styling and colour paring just to the patterns. lets seeeee.

 First up is this cute but edgy 90's throwback crop jumper. At first look I was a bit disappointed because it just looked like a cute but plain black knit. I looked closer and saw the wrap around the neck that leaves just a peak of the collar from below. Then going onto the sleeves there is a great built in fingerless glove which just looks so edgy and different.

 I love how MMM can take such a crazy colour and pair it with monochrome, it just makes it better. I would normally stay away from this colour because it crops up too much in knitting and always looks awful! But the wide off the shoulder neckline along with this chunky oversized cable belted looks amazing. I think its great that it is paired with masculine black boots it makes this look so punch but also brings out the femininity in the knit that would normally be overlooked because of its in your face colour.

 I really never wear bright colours but I would so wear this outfit (project on the way maybe?) Basic pieces but given an edge. Traditional cable jumper but in a bright, almost neon, orange. Mini skirt in a brilliant white with black double jointed boots. Its just the question of weather I could pull it off!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NYFW Knit Faves: J Crew

Now I'm not normally a fluffy knit fan especially with the rise of tacky acrylic eyelash sequin yarns stuffed inside Topshop and every other high street shop. But this new collection from J Crew is gorgeous! More like a fur than a knit really but I would love to translate it to a hand made super wide scarf and jumper.

Today I'm Ill… Hand knitting

So I keep meaning to get more familiar with hand knitting, since I spend a lot of my time on public transport/stuck in places with nothing to do and always wish I could crochet and hand knit better so I can actually be productive in the hour it takes me to get to work which is silly. Also I have loads of hand knitting weight yarns and need to put them to good use before I move out. So today I have been using a chocolate brown super chunky weight yarn I bought from John Lewis about 2 years ago, I initially bought it because it had a broken label and was reduced from like £5 to £2.50 so I thought why not! Unfortunately I don't know what brand it is but it's been lovely to use and really makes plain knit stitches look defined and interesting. I'm making a chunky snood since the weather is going to be cold for a while and I'm going to Scarborough next week for my birthday so I'm going to want some nice warm accessories to warm up my leather jacket. So here it is, I've been sat in bed ill today so I thought I would seize the chance to knit. (No judging allowed from you hand knitters)

New Etsy Items: Blue Scarf Collection

Fresh new batch of textured infinity scarves/snoods. Personally I find infinity scarf a bit of a mouth full but I still haven't worked out how to pronounce snood…snoooood?….snud? Help me out :/

Mood Boards/New Collection/Trend Prediction

Spring/Summer knitwear! Yay! It's my favourite kind of knit because (apart from crochet) its hard to make a spring knit look "crafty" and well… Unfashionable. Sounds mean but sometimes I just want to see a floaty gorgeous knit that uses so much technique and beautiful colours and yarn textures. There are so many talented knitters out there the have amazing skills and yet stick to using baby colour 4ply and following patterns down to the letter. BE FREE. Anyway I digress, I have put together some mood boards of what I'm planning to do for my new collections obviously I going to try and make this a bit more commercial for my online shop but I still want to be creative. Enjoy!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

How To Quick Knit Socks

This is a quick tutorial on how to knit a quick pair of socks, I know most people will want to hand knit them with circular knitting needles but if I tried that they would never be finished. These take me about an hour from casting on the sewing in the ends. I use a knitting machine because thats my style but you could easily use this pattern hand knitting as long as you understand shaping and short row.
 I started with a soft wool and some matching grey elastic, the elastic is obviously optional as you can just sew a little in after knitting or rely solely on the ribbing to hold the sock up. Personally I find knitting it in is a nicer finish because I'm crap at hand sewing!
 I cast on using a mock 2x1 rib using from 30 to 30 and knit 20 rows. You can pick up the dropped stitches to make a true rib or use a double bed machine or hand knit it but I find this technique works and looks just fine plus is quickest for me.
 Bring all your needles forward and do 40 rows of plain knitting.
 Select hold and bring forward half the needles opposite to the carriage. This is when you turn the heel, which I'm hoping you already know because it is hard to explain! You bring one needle forward at a time opposite to the carriage for each row. You need to wrap the needle on the carriage side each time to prevent getting holes in the heel.
 This is a picture of the needles fully out and you should be able to see how each needle is wrapped this is to stop the holes. It is really important to weight your work whilst turning the heel or doing any short row technique else it will fall off! You now bring each needle back into working position for every row on the side opposite to the carriage each time.
 You should now be able to see your heel shape make sure to keep that side more weighted than the other because it now has more fabric to weigh down.
 Do another 40 rows in plain knitting before we get to the turning of the toe. This next part is optional the reason I turn toe even though there is a seam is so that the seam is on top of the toe and therefore will not irritate the wearer as much as if the seam was under or in line with the toes.
 Cast off half the stitches in the plain side of the sock this is the top of the sock.
 With the remaining needles do the same technique as with the heel but only go in 5 needles each side and back again. Once finished do not knit any more just cast off.
 This is the finished sock shape before being pressed.
 Excuse the gross legs! These are the finished socks after being sewn along the toe and the side seam. You knit the second sock exactly the same but the opposite way round to have the seams facing inward.
 I use a Hague Linker to sew all my clothing and items up I feel it is quicker and gives a more professional seam. It is barely visible on this sock!

SO there you go! A quick and well fitted sock pattern that can be done in all sorts of yarns and colours either on the machine or by hand knitting. Taking just an hour you can make a pair of socks for each day of the week!