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Thursday, 24 October 2013

First Knitting Project

Okay so the title isn't true, this isn't my first knitting project but it is the first project I have done for myself. Which is strange really, all of the crazy complex knitting I have done on my machine I have never completed anything for myself. But now I feel like I have gotten over the whole "knitting is work" thing, I do love knitting but after such a stressful course I had this weird mentality that connected knitting to working! So anyway after I bought the new Kid silk yarn I wanted to give it a test run without wasting any of my new stuff! So i took my Rowan ball that I had left and got it machine ready.

 Now I know why they don't selly them like this! Looks like a fluffy legoman head.
 So the mohair was hard work but I got used to it eventually!
 I marled the mohair in with a light grey acrylic, a wool and nylon  yarn and a dark grey aran yarn.
 I joined the cast on to the last row of knitting I did and cast off to make an infinity scarf. This is the finished article! I love of it feels and how it looks when worn.
I'm definitely going to start knitting things for myself, especially with all this yarn I've acquired! 

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