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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Yarns!

So i got a chance to scout out some new yarn suppliers at the knitting and stitching show in London. I had always been an obsessive about the kid silk haze from Rowan, which is weird because it's not exactly a machine knitting yarn. But I just love the feel and handle of it, I bought a ball of it last year from Liberty's yarn shop and I still have it. Its quite weird I just keep it and stroke it... Anyway! I hate the £8 price tag and refuse to pay that for a 25g ball of wool! Thats the great thing about these exhibitions is that they have loads of different companies that aren't so prominent as Rowan etc. I came across a stand called Nest that had yarns called Drops Kid-Silk and a range of gorgeous muted colours. To be fair their range isn't as big as Rowan's but thats to be expected really. And it cost only £4.60, thats nearly half the price of Rowans yarn and it's the same fibre content! Total bargain! Take a look.
 I bought 4 balls but will probably need more, I want to make either a jumper or a lace cardigan with it. I just need to finalise a pattern and design for it.
I also got a few skeins of crewel embroidery yarn because they were such gorgeous tonal colours, and about the only fine weight I could find in the exhibition! Hopefully I'll be able to put them to good use I'm not sure how yet!

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