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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Experimenting With Upcycling

As you know from my older posts I have recently moved and what this has made me realise is that I own way too many clothes! I used to make a decent amount of money whilst I was a student buying from charity shops and jumble sales and then re-selling on Ebay. Of course this means that you get left over with a load of unwanted clothing. So i was sorting through trying to cram it all in my little studio when I found a grey jersey maxi dress I used to wear but for some reason just abandoned it. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that I could incorporate my goal of using up my oddments of yarn and create new products for my shop quickly and easily!

So I started simple and cut along the waist seam instantly creating a crop top, it was then I decided to make a grey and yellow colour scheme. I took a ball of yellow cotton yarn I think I bought about 3 years ago and did a cute little blanket stitch around the hem. This covered any bad patches in my cutting and added something a little special I think.

Then out of the skirt of the maxi dress I tried my hand at making t-shirt yarn, I found an awesome illustrated tutorial by FUCK YEAH CRAFT! a blogger and Huddersfield crafter and got cracking with my own t-shirt yarn. It only took about 20 minutes to have a ball of yarn ready to use. I started by crocheting a waist band and hem then knitting a marl of some remnant yarn I had that was a really weird mix but I think it looks good. I ended up using a grey wool then yellow silk and kevlar. The knit forms 2 panels front and back and comes together at the seams to create tassels. Then a quick i-cord to make a drawstring waist.

So I had my outfit I just needed a little extra, so I carried on with the i-cord and made a cool multi stranded necklace that I think really finishes the outfit off. All three pieces I made for this item last week are now available from Etsy and Folksy. I think It definitely worked out a success! Let me know what you think.

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