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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Moving in- My Yarn Stash

Finally I have moved all my yarn over to my new little studio room. It is still not finished and I only have one of my machines and some of my books but it's really coming together. Really love my organisation this time. To stop myself from completely messing the place up (like normal) I have colour coordinated all my cones on a bookcase and put all my balls of wool into cardboard boxes then made a thread lattice on the open side of the box. This means I can easily find and see all my yarns without them falling all over me! And it compacts them down!
(Ew crappy phone photography)
Mm lovely fabric wardrobe

I also found my old patchwork blanket and cushion that my Godmother made for me when I was young, I actually think it ties in pretty well with the colour hodgepodge! You can see a little sneak peak of my bargain £3 charity shop curtains that are actually really nice hung in there. 

I have so much to update on I think I am going to need to get cracking with the blog posts. And hopefully learn how to take better pictures!

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