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Sunday, 8 September 2013

DIY Ombre Trainers

This is my fave DIY so far! It's a bit messy as it involves dye but the effects are really awesome. This DIY cost me a total of £5.50, the plimsolls were £3.50 from Primark and the dye was £2 delivered off Ebay.The rest I already had. You will need:
-White trainers
-Fabric dye
-An old cloth

Take the laces out of the shoe, i think this makes the ombre pop a bit more when the laces are put back in, but it is up to you.

Stop the sole being dyed with vaseline.

DO NOT USE THE SINK IF YOURS HAS A CRACK OR DAMAGE!!!! As it will stain your sink, probably better to use a plastic washing up bowl. I use my sink all the time for dying and it is fine but i do not want other people to ruin their bathrooms!

Dip your shoes in a third of the way and hold them there, wait about 3-5mins for the dye to soak up.


Use a wet (old) cloth to bring the dye further down the shoe, keep doing this until it is totally blended.

If you have made any mistakes you can take some diluted bleach and rub over the mistake. This is optional as I know a lot of people hate bleach and if you are sensitive wear rubber gloves as bleach is a skin irritant.

Leave to dry and re-lace your shoes.
Wear with pride!

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