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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Today I'm Ill… Hand knitting

So I keep meaning to get more familiar with hand knitting, since I spend a lot of my time on public transport/stuck in places with nothing to do and always wish I could crochet and hand knit better so I can actually be productive in the hour it takes me to get to work which is silly. Also I have loads of hand knitting weight yarns and need to put them to good use before I move out. So today I have been using a chocolate brown super chunky weight yarn I bought from John Lewis about 2 years ago, I initially bought it because it had a broken label and was reduced from like £5 to £2.50 so I thought why not! Unfortunately I don't know what brand it is but it's been lovely to use and really makes plain knit stitches look defined and interesting. I'm making a chunky snood since the weather is going to be cold for a while and I'm going to Scarborough next week for my birthday so I'm going to want some nice warm accessories to warm up my leather jacket. So here it is, I've been sat in bed ill today so I thought I would seize the chance to knit. (No judging allowed from you hand knitters)

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