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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Knit Inspiration

A recent trip to Birmingham has opened my eyes to this spring's new knitwear, I took a trip to forever 21 and topshop just for a quick look and was quite surprised by the range of techniques and all the colours were beautiful.
 This knitted skirt by Topshop reminded me of how simple a knitting project can be but how effective and rewarding. A knitted skirt is a weirder choice but I think they are versatile and unique. And extremely easy to make! This skirt was around £38 and you could make a simple acrylic version for half the price!
 This is the cutest jumper I've seen this year! My boyfriend actually spotted this and called me over! The mint green looks lovely in this photo, in real life it was a bit on the tacky side but it reminded me that hidden in my stash of yarn was some mint baby 4ply that my grandma gave me when i first started knitting. I have never had a use for it because it just isn't really for me, but I can imagine this pattern idea as a crop jumper or bag, maybe even some cute socks!

 This ombre cardigan from forever 21 really caught my eye, the colours are lovely. I would love to knit this in a more waterfall front version.

 This lovely fairisle knit jumper by forever 21 reminded me of my punch card heart pattern I used to create an infinity scarf for my etsy shop. This is a really nice idea of graduating colours.

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