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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Double Point Needle Socks Challenge

So my fiancee is making a massive point that his beloved slipper socks have two massive holes in. I'm sure he either wants me to darn the holes on them or knit him new ones. Especially since I have finally learnt how to knit socks on the machine (shouldn't have told him!) As it's valentines this friday I'm setting myself a challenge to learn double pointed needles and knit him a nice pair of slipper socks! I realise how mad that sounds but I'm learning on quite big needles and with a 4 ply yarn rather than a sock weight. So If it doesn't work I can still jump on the machine and knit some quickly haha! So here are the needles and yarns I'm using and this is the printable basic DPN sock pattern from cometosilver.

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