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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

NYFW Knit Faves: MM6 Maison Martin Margeila

I love how Maison Martin Margeila and it's offshoot lines such as MM6 are such a cult "cool" designer yet still always play with knitwear and they always have. Know of course most fashion lines will have a couple of pieces of knitwear but they were doing it way back, which i love! There were only a few bits I really likes from this show but they were inspiring, from the styling and colour paring just to the patterns. lets seeeee.

 First up is this cute but edgy 90's throwback crop jumper. At first look I was a bit disappointed because it just looked like a cute but plain black knit. I looked closer and saw the wrap around the neck that leaves just a peak of the collar from below. Then going onto the sleeves there is a great built in fingerless glove which just looks so edgy and different.

 I love how MMM can take such a crazy colour and pair it with monochrome, it just makes it better. I would normally stay away from this colour because it crops up too much in knitting and always looks awful! But the wide off the shoulder neckline along with this chunky oversized cable belted looks amazing. I think its great that it is paired with masculine black boots it makes this look so punch but also brings out the femininity in the knit that would normally be overlooked because of its in your face colour.

 I really never wear bright colours but I would so wear this outfit (project on the way maybe?) Basic pieces but given an edge. Traditional cable jumper but in a bright, almost neon, orange. Mini skirt in a brilliant white with black double jointed boots. Its just the question of weather I could pull it off!

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