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Thursday, 6 February 2014

How To Quick Knit Socks

This is a quick tutorial on how to knit a quick pair of socks, I know most people will want to hand knit them with circular knitting needles but if I tried that they would never be finished. These take me about an hour from casting on the sewing in the ends. I use a knitting machine because thats my style but you could easily use this pattern hand knitting as long as you understand shaping and short row.
 I started with a soft wool and some matching grey elastic, the elastic is obviously optional as you can just sew a little in after knitting or rely solely on the ribbing to hold the sock up. Personally I find knitting it in is a nicer finish because I'm crap at hand sewing!
 I cast on using a mock 2x1 rib using from 30 to 30 and knit 20 rows. You can pick up the dropped stitches to make a true rib or use a double bed machine or hand knit it but I find this technique works and looks just fine plus is quickest for me.
 Bring all your needles forward and do 40 rows of plain knitting.
 Select hold and bring forward half the needles opposite to the carriage. This is when you turn the heel, which I'm hoping you already know because it is hard to explain! You bring one needle forward at a time opposite to the carriage for each row. You need to wrap the needle on the carriage side each time to prevent getting holes in the heel.
 This is a picture of the needles fully out and you should be able to see how each needle is wrapped this is to stop the holes. It is really important to weight your work whilst turning the heel or doing any short row technique else it will fall off! You now bring each needle back into working position for every row on the side opposite to the carriage each time.
 You should now be able to see your heel shape make sure to keep that side more weighted than the other because it now has more fabric to weigh down.
 Do another 40 rows in plain knitting before we get to the turning of the toe. This next part is optional the reason I turn toe even though there is a seam is so that the seam is on top of the toe and therefore will not irritate the wearer as much as if the seam was under or in line with the toes.
 Cast off half the stitches in the plain side of the sock this is the top of the sock.
 With the remaining needles do the same technique as with the heel but only go in 5 needles each side and back again. Once finished do not knit any more just cast off.
 This is the finished sock shape before being pressed.
 Excuse the gross legs! These are the finished socks after being sewn along the toe and the side seam. You knit the second sock exactly the same but the opposite way round to have the seams facing inward.
 I use a Hague Linker to sew all my clothing and items up I feel it is quicker and gives a more professional seam. It is barely visible on this sock!

SO there you go! A quick and well fitted sock pattern that can be done in all sorts of yarns and colours either on the machine or by hand knitting. Taking just an hour you can make a pair of socks for each day of the week!

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